Old Testament:

  1. Ancient Israelite Historiography
  2. The Theology of the Davidic Kingship
  3. Israel in the Mission of God
  4. The Place of the Mosaic Law in Israel

Intro to the New Testament:

  1. Essay on Ethics in the Gospel of Matthew
  2. Essay on Mary-Women of the Gospel of Luke
  3. Essay on Eternal Life in the Gospel of John
  4. Essay on the Baptism of Jesus
  5. Essay on the Kingdom of God
  6. Essay on the Tensions between Jesus and the Pharisees


  1. God’s Faithfulness to His People (Rom 9-11)
  2. The World of the Roman Churches (Rom 12-16)

Early Church History:

  1. Patristic Theological Development of the Female Body near Syrian Antioch & Constantinople
  2. A Brief Sketch of the Life of Augustine & Some of His Works

Liturgy & Ministry:

  1. The Practice of Communion: Participation as Presence


  1. How God the Son Mediates Salvation into Human Life
  2. Christian Life as God’s Life Manifest in Human Bodies
  3. Salvation and the Female Body