Demetrius the Chronographer: Exploring (Extra) Biblical Literature

Historical Background: The text known as Demetrius the Chronographer is a set of six Greek fragments attributed to Demetrius. The text is the earliest Jewish writing in Greek known other than the LXX. By being […]

God Doesn’t Support Your Revolution(s) [Common Thought]

When the world witnessed the crowds of many young, white Trump supporters attacking the Capitol building on January 6, 2021, many thought America might be coming to an end—the end of democracy even! While the […]

The Bible, The Body, Eucharist & Sex [Radio]

I was invited to be on The Common Good radio on AM 1160 up in Chicagoland (July 24, 2020). One of the hosts, Brian From, was on vacation so the other host, my friend, Ian […]

Allegiance Matters

Anger in the streets, a city dedicated to peace by force, public beatings, and rights denied–Paul and Silas’ struggles in Philippi reveal a way to live the gospel.

Remembering the Poor during a Plague [Contagious Rumination]

We are living through a plague. ‘Plague’ is my favorite term for this sickness. Calling the virus SARS-CoV-2 or the disease COVID-19 is too technical and sterile, and it also gives off a false air […]

“Gospel Allegiance”, Kanye West, & Pharisees [Course Reverie]

I arrived at my Theology on Church and Culture class a few minutes late this last week, but I walked into an excited conversation about the importance of Kanye West’s conversion. There seemed to be […]