Justin Gill and his family currently live in the west suburbs of Chicago where he attends Northern Seminary and is completing a graduate degree in New Testament studies under Dr. Scot McKnight. His academic interests include history, linguistics, philosophy, social theory, and theology.

Common Thought is a place for discussion and reflection. Rather than being random thoughts, these ideas or topics will come from two places, my classes and the books I am reading. The hope is a weekly reflection on my course work will be helpful in understanding the material and how to interact with it. The “common” element is the desire to create conversation that is not sensational but the common ways of learning, processing, and growing through particular issues.

Current Projects:

  • Reading and writing on Exilic and Post-Exilic Jewish literature, Second Temple era Jewish and Christian literature, and early Christian literature.
  • Writing a paper on how the female body is understood to receive salvation from the male body of King Jesus throughout the history of theology.