After half a decade living in Chicagoland for graduate studies, our family decided it was time to return home to the rural lands to be with our family and friends, so we’ve returned the Ozarks of southwest Missouri! I attended school at Ozark Christian College (Joplin, MO) where I received degrees in pastoral ministry and New Testament, and then Northern Seminary (Lisle, IL) for a graduate history degree in New Testament studies under Scot McKnight. My (current) academic interests include the intersection of history and theology, personal and communal identity formation, and the development of Christian political theologies in contemporary America.

I am currently a full-time homeschooling dad for our three kids (ages: twelve, ten, and three). I am also a research assistant for Scot McKnight and edit lecture content for Northern Seminary’s online educational format, Northern Live. Recently, I’ve been invited to become an online instructor at Ozark Christian College.

Common Thought is a place for my reflections, both intentional and random. Most of these ideas or topics will come from two places, my classes and the books I am reading. The “common” element is the desire to create conversation that is not sensational but the common ways of learning, processing, and growing through particular issues.

Current Projects:

  • Reading and writing on Exilic and Post-Exilic Jewish literature, Second Temple era Jewish and Christian literature, and early Christian literature.
  • Research and writing for a commentary on the Pastoral epistles with Scot McKnight.
  • A review of Lynn Cohick’s NICONT commentary The Letter to the Ephesians.
  • A review of Eugene Boring’s Hearing Paul’s Voice.