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Demetrius the Chronographer: Exploring (Extra) Biblical Literature

Historical Background: The text known as Demetrius the Chronographer is a set of six Greek fragments attributed to Demetrius. The text is the earliest Jewish writing in Greek known other than the LXX. By being […]

Ecclesiastes: An Empty Life Full of Meaning [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: While the text of Ecclesiastes claims to be a text written by someone called the Preacher in most Bibles, who also is the son of David, king in Jerusalem, it would be best […]

Pseudo-Hacataeus: Greek Fragments on Jewish Life [Examining (Extra)Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The text of Pseudo-Hecataeus is actually a few fragmented quotations of some ancient from an ancient historian. An important element of these quotations is that the historian is not a Jew but a […]

Micah: Prophet of God’s Faithful Kingship [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: Micah’s first verse is a timestamp that would seem to make it much easier for us to know when the text was historically composed. Sadly, this timestamp is actually not as helpful as […]

Ezra-Nehemiah: Reforming & Rebuilding the People of God [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The books Ezra and Nehemiah were originally one book, but at some point after King Jesus the book was split into two.[1] The events of Ezra-Nehemiah take place primarily in the mid-400’s BCE. […]

Job: Hating God because of Suffering [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The book of Job is notoriously hard to date as a piece of literature. It may have some parallels to mythic epics in Babylon, but nothing as close as the Gilgamesh epic to […]