Category: Apocrypha & Pseudepigrapha

Demetrius the Chronographer: Exploring (Extra) Biblical Literature

Historical Background: The text known as Demetrius the Chronographer is a set of six Greek fragments attributed to Demetrius. The text is the earliest Jewish writing in Greek known other than the LXX. By being […]

Pseudo-Hacataeus: Greek Fragments on Jewish Life [Examining (Extra)Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The text of Pseudo-Hecataeus is actually a few fragmented quotations of some ancient from an ancient historian. An important element of these quotations is that the historian is not a Jew but a […]

The Letter of Jeremiah: The Idols are Empty [Examining (Extra)Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The Letter of Jeremiah is a short text which claims to be written by the prophet Jeremiah and sent to the Jewish Exiles who lived in Babylon. Exilic texts and post-Exilic texts closer […]

Ahiqar: Betrayal & Wisdom [Exploring Extra-Biblical Literature]

The text of Ahiqar is one of the most ancient surviving texts of the middle eastern region. It is an extra biblical story normally placed in the category of Old Testament Pseudepigraphal works. Ahiqar was […]

Timeline(s) of Biblical and Extra-Biblical Literature

This summer has been a bit of whirlwind adventure for our family. I’m part of a graduate studies program at Northern Seminary with Dr. Scot McKnight, the program director for the Master of Arts in […]