Christian Persecution & Persecution in America [Course Reverie]

This week our course focused on the ten persecutions against Christians by the Roman government throughout the first three centuries. Often it is stated Christians need to calm down with their ideas of grand persecution […]

Bishops, Tradition, & Scripture [Course Reverie]

This week’s class centered on the importance of tradition in the early catholic church. This use of the word “catholic” does not imply the Roman Catholic Church, rather it is refers to the churches throughout […]

Zechariah: Prophet of Throne & Temple [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: Zechariah the prophet was preaching in Jerusalem at the same time as Haggai. They both were speaking to the Jews who had returned to begin rebuilding the city, the temple, and their people. […]

Reading the Bible Origen-ly [Course Reverie]

As our class on early church history continues, we focused most of our night on the person and work of Origen. A fascinating character in the early church. He was one of the first exegetes […]

Why I Hid my Daughter from the Internet [Common Thought]

A few weeks ago, our family invited a beautiful baby girl into our life. Unless you had met us face to face you would not have known about our pregnancy. I had elicited my wife’s […]

Ruth: Motherhood Redeeming Suffering [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: There is not too much information in the text of Ruth to determine a time or place where the story of Ruth originated. There are two possible options. The first option is that […]