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Obadiah: Prophet of Brotherly Hatred [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The vision of Obadiah is more a political slam than most of the prophets. Obadiah stands beside Nahum as a prophecy about another nation, one which will feel the wrath of God for […]

Zechariah: Prophet of Throne & Temple [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: Zechariah the prophet was preaching in Jerusalem at the same time as Haggai. They both were speaking to the Jews who had returned to begin rebuilding the city, the temple, and their people. […]

Ruth: Motherhood Redeeming Suffering [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: There is not too much information in the text of Ruth to determine a time or place where the story of Ruth originated. There are two possible options. The first option is that […]

Hosea: Prophet of Sex & Worship [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: The book of Hosea seems to have developed in a similar style to the Isaiah text. There are parts of Hosea that seem to be very early, reaching back to before the Assyrian […]

Haggai: Prophet of Reassurance [Examining Biblical Literature]

Historical Background: Haggai is one of the few texts in the Old Testament that can be dated with a sense of accuracy. The date commonly accepted is around 520 to 515 BCE. Haggai gives specific […]

Isaiah: A Quilt of Prophetic Literature [Examining Biblical Literature]

This post is a part of a Read-Through project in which I am reading through biblical and extra-biblical literature. I’m reading the texts in an order based on a couple of timelines I compiled. If […]