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Zephaniah: Purification through Judgment [Examining Biblical Literature]

The book of Zephaniah was compiled in the late 7th century BCE and is the last prophetic writing before the Babylonian exile becomes the main prophetic focus. There seems to be an interesting development occurring […]

Nahum: Prophet of Revenge [Examining Biblical Literature]

There are evil people in this world. Evil cities, nations, and empires dedicated to oppressing others for their interests. Will God address these evils?

Joel: Prophet of the Creator [Examining Biblical Literature]

If our god is the Creator then why does his people suffer? What happens to those who have made us suffer so much? How will God overcome all this evil in us and the world?

Timeline(s) of Biblical and Extra-Biblical Literature

This summer has been a bit of whirlwind adventure for our family. I’m part of a graduate studies program at Northern Seminary with Dr. Scot McKnight, the program director for the Master of Arts in […]